Lightning Beats The World Best Gas Motorcycles at PPIHC

Lightning Electric Motorcycle
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Lightning Beats The World Best Gas Motorcycles at PPIHC     
     For the first time at a major motorsports event, an electric motorcycle beats all  of the world fastest gas-powered competitors at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs, Co. on June 30th . Lightning Motorcycle, the leading pioneer in electric motorcycle , was the fastest of the 82 motorcycle entered  and beat  all  but the 8 fastest cars at PPIHC. Adding to the achievement, the Lightning SuperBike was powered by clean, renewable solar energy. 

Lightning didn’t just win the electric category, they were faster than the closest world-class gas-powered bike by almost 21 seconds. The majority of the electric bike field posted times in the mid-12-minute range.  Lightning Electric Superbike was 2+ minutes faster. Lightning is the leader in high performance electric vehicle development.  Click here to read about “Lightning First”.


“The win at Pikes Peak shows that superior, world-class performance can be achieved today with clean technologies.  The Lightning team is gratified to be a leader in the racing world, testing and driving technology for the future. We love the idea of utilizing the racing platform to push the limits of technology while building a foundation for future industries, ” said Richard Hatfield, founder and CEO of Lightning Motorcycle. “ We hope this milestone will encourage our colleagues,  competitors and other companies in the clean tech industry to  develop their products so that consumers will choose them because they are the best in class, and not just because they are green.”

pikes peak photo 2Powered with Solar Energy

The Lightning SuperBike, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, was powered with solar energy  via a SMA inverter and Trina panels which charge the EnerDel battery pack   that provide the vehicle with enough power to win the race.

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