Terry Hershner Sets Record, First Across America on Electric Motorcycle

June 8, 2013 in Electric VehiclesEV enthusiastEV News


Terry Hershner made it!  He rode across the United States of America.  He was the first to make the journey, coast to coast, on an electric motorcycle.  He rode an aerodynamic 18 kWh Zero Motorcycle, which had been specially modified for the trip.  The modifications to the motorcycle were done with the team at Zero Motorcycles and Mr. Craig Vetter, enabling 150 miles of range at 70 mph.


It was an exhausting trip.  Terry went from the Santa Monica Pier in California to Jacksonville Beach, Florida, riding along the southern route, Interstate 10, stopping at mostly campgrounds to charge and catch a quick bit of sleep.  His parents and friends were there to meet him in Florida.  He did the trip in 5 ½ days, racing to beat another team, Moto Electra, that had a later start date from the opposite end of the country.  Terry said that he was trying to meet the other team before they started, but he had a mechanical problem that required fixing in Texas.  The other team easily managed to set the record for fastest time.

Apparently, somebody made the mistake of telling Terry that the other team did it faster.

So, Terry plans to do it again.  Faster!  He will set out in two to three weeks, heading back to California.  Terry said he learned a lot on this last trip, and he thinks he can beat the time set by Moto Electra.  I suggested to Terry that he set off on an around the world trip.  I think he would make a great adventure / spokesperson.  Terry said he has to get back across the country to meet up with Tony Williams, the organizer of the BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally.

Terry said he did have some difficulty with sleep deprivation, which was compounded by the mechanical delay.  He is a competitor, and it is tough to be sidelined when you want to win.  But, it all worked out, and he met a lot of good people along the way.  In the near-future, I will write an article on some of Terry’s experiences (in route) and ideas on the future of EV travel.  To say the least, there is more work to be done.

Terry plans to take Interstate 40 this next time.  He says it is about 200 miles further, but he is confident that he can still achieve a record time.  You can learn more about Terry Hershner by visiting: http://www.facebook.com/lifeoffthegrid.  Click Like on Terry’s page, Off The Grid, to wish him success on his next journey.

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