Meet the Drivers for 2013

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Tony Williams

Tony WilliamsHi, my name is Tony Williams from San Diego, California, and I will be driving a 2012 Toyota Rav4 EV in this year’s BC2BC rally. I’m an unemployed airline pilot by profession, and an electric vehicle advocate by choice. I am also the organizer for this rally. In 2012, I drove a 2012 Nissan LEAF-SL from Mexico to Canada in the inaugural BC2BC rally.

I have a wife and 2.5 kids. My then 10 year old daughter accompanied me in 2012 during the rally. My house is 100% solar powered, with 8kW of panels on the roof. In the very near future, I hope to have no fossil fuel burning vehicles, and that they be entirely powered by the sun.

My planning for this year’s rally has been much less stringent than last year. There are a lot more charging choices, and my car this year has almost double the range of the car driven last year. One very serious short coming of this car is no DC charging on the Rav4 EV. So, the trip overall will be much, much easier overall, but I will be hampered in Oregon and Washington state without being able to use their plentiful DC charging network compared to cars that use that equipment.

I hope to meet a lot of new and old friends on the way. I’m hoping for tailwinds the whole way!!!

Tony Williams will be driving the #1 car, a 2012 Toyota Rav4 EV.

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David & Helen Kiker

kikerDavid and Helen Kiker are from Redmond, Oregon and will be driving this year’s BC2BC rally in their 2013 Tesla Model S. They are both science fiction and technology geeks who found their perfect car in a Tesla Model S. If you have the perfect car you need to drive it!

The Kikers will be driving the Team Firefly #6 car, a 2013 Tesla Model S.

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Georg Kuhnke

georg1Georg lives near Sacramento, California. He has become an experienced electric vehicle driver since he took delivery of a Tesla Roadster in 2009, which now has 64k miles. He is a regular participant in the regional Electric Automobile Association (SacEV), as well as Ride & Drive Director for electric vehicle (EV) events in the local area, including the 2012 National Plug-In Day (September 2012 in Folsom, California).

While he has no direct rally experience, he does have many long-distance EV trips in the past 4 years and was a team supporter for the “Renew America Roadtrip” in 2009 (cross-country NY-to-LA in Tesla Roadster). In past 2+ years, he added a Nissan LEAF and a Chevy Volt to the household so that they are now 100% Plug-in EV. He is a former Automation & Robotics Engineer and Manager from Silicon Valley, California, as later was involved in real-estate development in various locations.

Georg will be co-driving with Jack Bowers in Jack’s 2012 Tesla Model S, the #43 car.

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Jack Bowers

jack2Jack lives in Reno, Nevada and holds a BSEE degree from Washington State University. He is a long time Tesla electric vehicle enthusiast who has driven 48,000 miles in the Tesla Roadster, with at least 10,000 of those miles on long distance trips up and down I-5 freeway. He has already driven 25,000 miles in his Tesla Model S, including a 9,000 mile journey from Reno to Boston and return in April of this year.

He has constructed electrical adapters, custom mobile chargers and extension cords to allow the Model S to charge from a wide variety of 240 volt power sources. He intends to draw on his extensive cross-country experience to minimize the number of excess miles recharged for each day’s final destination. In addition, his experience driving the I-5 freeway will help to locate RV (motor home camping) parks when existing Tesla Roadster High Power Connectors are either not available, or too far from the course.

He believes he can win the race even if Telsa “Supercharger” stations are too far from the course to be viable. He will be driving the number 45 Tesla Model S with co-driver Georg Kuhnke.

Jack Bowers will be co-driving with Georg Kuhnke in Jack’s 2012 Tesla Model S, the #43 car.

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Steve and Sabrina Coram

steveSteve Coram is a school administrator in the Mukilteo School District. Within the past year, he and his wife, Tanya, have traded in both of their gas powered vehicles and are now an EV-only family. Steve enjoys sharing his EV ownership experiences with family, friends, and curious onlookers through social media and blogging.

Sabrina Coram is a five-year-old pre-kindergarten graduate. She regularly joins her father for day-long EV “Sunday Drives”, and now enjoys the responsibility of plugging in the family’s EVs when they return from outings. Sabrina hopes to share her BC2BC experiences with new classmates in kindergarten this fall.

Team “Crazy Daddy” will be driving the #4 car, a 2013 Nissan LEAF.

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Lee Colleton

leeLee is a “sysadmin” at Google in the Seattle, Washington area. Completed the US-2 rally driving his Mitsubishi iMiev and he also drove from Seattle through Portland and Vancouver in 37 hours. He plans are to stay flexible and always be charging! Wise words, indeed.

Lee Colleton will be driving the #2 car, a Mitsubishi iMiev.

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Eric Damron

ericMy name is Eric Damron. I am a 58 year old retired computer programmer.I will be driving a 2011 Nissan LEAF with a personalized license plate that reads: “LUFT.”

My LEAF is equipped with a climate control modification to allow me to run the air without wasting battery power. I will also be carrying a modified EVSE to allow recharging at 240 volts and I have equipped the car with a WattsLeft Gid meter.

Winning is unimportant to me, however I intend to enjoy the experience of my first rally. I have researched my route to determine the effects of terrain on power consumption. Using Tony’s range charts and the PlugShare website I have plotted my route with alternatives. The key to completing the rally is planning, planning, planning.

Eric will be driving the #3 car, a modified 2011 Nissan LEAF.

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Asoka Diggs

asokaI am somebody who’s been wanting to drive electric for a few years, and finally started in March of 2013 – about the same time my wife and I had a 3kW solar system installed. An electric car plus a solar electric PV system, and I don’t need to go to a gas station very often. The energy I need for personal transportation is fully offset by the electricity from the PV system.

My goal for the rally is to finish, have an excellent vacation, meet many new people, and visit each of the Tesla stores and facilities up and down the west coast. This will be a double rally for me, as I will be driving to the start, doing the rally, and then driving home afterwards. I’m thinking of a more leisurely drive during the return leg, with as much of the coast highway involved as possible. Summer, the top off, cruising along the ocean in the Roadster – living the dream. I suppose you could sum up my motivation to join the rally with “when you’re looking for an excuse (drive Roadster) most any will do”.

I’ve only been driving electric for a few months and this will be my first road trip of any substance. To prepare for the rally, I’ve made sure I have active charging system cards, and made one out and back trip of about 200 miles to get a feel for what longer distance travel will be like for me. I’ve got the addresses for each of the planned charging stops stored away on the car’s navigation system and a spreadsheet with the same info duplicated. What I don’t really know is where the terrain or weather is going to make things tough, nor how much time I’ll end up sitting at a charging station waiting for my fellow participants to finish charging.

On the test drive where I needed to charge to return home, I learned that I can be quite productive during charging times. I also learned that I can get the Ideal and Range miles within about 5% of each other while enjoying the drive, and still keep the efficiency in pretty good order even during a downpour. I also learned of a few opportunities to get off of the Interstate – I plan to replicate that whenever possible along the way.

Being productive while charging is important for me – I will be attending an online class for my Master’s degree from the road during the rally and throughout this vacation. I need to learn Text Analytics at some point, and this seems like an excellent time to get some studying done!

Professionally, I am an Enterprise Architect in Data Management and Analytic Modeling. Or more simply, I’m all about the data – collect it, organize it, integrate it, analyze it.

I live in Aloha, Oregon with my wife Kristin, and with our new kitten Toby.

Asoka will be driving the #45 car,  a Tesla Roadster.

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Terry Hershner

terryTerry is from Orlando, Florida. He who got started with electric motorcycles because he wanted a big battery to use at his off-the-grid home. Once he started actually riding his new ZERO electric motorcycle, and not just using it for a wheeled battery, he decided he liked it, so he decided to go to California on it. While he didn’t quite make it, he learned a lot.

Just a few weeks before this year’s BC2BC-2013 rally, Terry rode an extensively modified ZERO motorcycle coast to coast from San Diego, California to Jacksonville, Florida, the first cross country trip ever done by an electric motorcycle.

Terry will be a very strong competitor in this year’s rally, riding the #5 machine, a ZERO electric motorcycle.

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Randy Taylor

randyRandy Taylor is semi-retired from the British Columbia Film industry. He got the “electric bug” in the fall of 2012 while attending TedX Vancouver following an inspiring presentation concerning what our ‘lucky’ generation would leave for our children.

Randy chose a Tesla Model S, ordering it on Cyber Monday (the ultimate online purchase!) After its arrival in March of this year, he has driven to Seattle, Whistler and Calgary. With his wife and co-pilot Cheryl by his side, the both of them are really looking forward to this historic rally.

Randy and his wife Cheryl in co-pilot will be driving the # car, a Tesla Model S