Rally Rules

  1. Rally BC2BC-2014 All Electric Vehicle Rally will start at Long Beach, California on August 10, 2014 @ 12 noon.
  2. Cars would be released in 2 minute intervals. The order of release will be based on the random selection of one playing card for each rally vehicle for the first Stage. Subsequent stages will be released in order of elapsed rally time from previous Stage. The lowest time shall go first, and then each subsequent previous Stage rally time in order, with the slowest being last.
  3. Any electric powered vehicle of any type is permitted; those that use any fossil fuel augmentation would need those energy sources sealed from use during the event. That means that the fossil fuel tank is empty and sealed, and/or removed from the vehicle.
  4. Impromptu Entrants are cars that start at Stage Overnight Points with the intention to not finish the course. They will start behind all the other vehicles.
  5. There will be a series of Checkpoints and/or marshals enroute. Photographic proof of a Checkpoint is required to get a playing card to be used for determining the Overall Winner. The picture will be exchanged for one or more playing cards at the Stage Overnight Points. The picture must contain the actual building or object; not just a sign mentioning it.The driver must take a picture with both the driver and if possible, the rally vehicle, and something that identifies the CHECKPOINT all in the same picture. The picture will be exchanged for one or more playing cards at the Stage Overnight Points. The picture must contain the actual building or object; not just a sign mentioning it.All checkpoints are optional. The value of how many playing cards will be issued for each of the checkpoints will be announced at the rally start or applicable Stage Overnight Point for checkpoints within that Stage.
  6. Participants are prohibited from prepositioned charging stations / battery swapping stations, however the event organizers may choose to do so for the event. Any event prepositioned charging power source or charging station must be available to all participants.
  7. Teams may be two registered driver / navigators per vehicle. No further augmentation or replacements allowed. Should a single driver become incapable of completing the course, then a previously named alternate may substitute the remainder of the course. Vehicles registered with two drivers may operate with one driver. No vehicle replacements during the event. No towing, pulling, pushing, or otherwise aiding the self-propulsion of the rally vehicle. Safely drafting other random vehicles is permitted, but drafting another event vehicle or vehicle known to the event in any way (even impromptu “help” for well wishers) is prohibited.
  8. This is not a race !!!!! While bragging rights are always important, operating within the confines of the rules of public highways is moreso. Any car whose average speed exceeds the posted “course peak speed limit” is automatically disqualified. The maximum known speed limit is 70mph on the course, therefore a time of less than 21.5 hours would be disqualifying.
  9. Vehicles must be legal to operate on public highways in all states and provinces that the event is operated in. Passing an event technical inspection does not mean the vehicle is legal on public highways. Only the vehicle’s owner and/or operator can determine that, and/or relevant public legal authority.
  10. Proof of insurance and current government registration with displayed current license plates (or “temporary tags”) is required for entry that is valid in all jurisdictions that the vehicle will be operated in.
  11. No “Pre-Runner” or “Chase Trucks” allowed. That means vehicles that draft in front, or have repair equipment on board, or drive ahead to block out charging stations, or carry generators or battery packs for transferring power, or may be in any way involved with the vehicle. They can’t trail behind or be anywhere near the competing vehicle. This does not preclude inadvertent brief encounters, or meet ups at planned stops.
  12. The Overall Winner is a combined score of quickest time on the course with the lowest playing card poker hand derived from playing cards earned at checkpoints. The lowest score wins.
    12a. If three competing vehicles posted times of 31 hours, 32 hours and 33 hours, the vehicle with the lowest time gets one point, the second lowest time gets 3 points, and each subsequent time gets one additional point.
    12b. The poker hands for each vehicle entry will follow recognized five card hands (although all earned cards can be used to make a 5 card hand) where a Royal Flush is highest, then Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, and Highest Card using standard poker playing cards. No wild cards will be used. The vehicle with the highest hand gets one point, the second lowest time gets 3 points, and each subsequent time gets one additional point.
    12c. Ties in Overall Points will be broken by the lowest Overall Time.
    12d. Examples of Overall Winner order with five entered cars:chart
  13. All vehicles that finish the course in the allotted time will get a Finisher’s Award. You must complete the entire course in the allotted time to get the award. For BC2BC-2014, the event ends at 11:59 pm on August 17, 2014. Failure to finish also means failure to place for any Overall Winner awards (first, second, third, etc, place) or be factored in an Overall Winner tallies and will be assigned DNF for “Did Not Finish”. Vehicles that are found to break any of the rules will also get a DNF.